Mystery at Whimbowly Manor Characters

*Character’s ages – listed in parenthesis – are subject to change*

LADY AGATHA WHITE (45-50) – The lady of the house, who has a passion for beautiful jewelry and a tendency towards hysterics.

LORD RICHARD WHITE (50-55) – The master of the house, who has a collected and practical head on his shoulders.

PENELOPE WHITE (25-30) – The only child of Lord and Lady White, who has a flair for the dramatic.

ROGER MANNY (30s) – Penelope’s fiancée, a journalist, who prefers fact over fiction.

DETECTIVE BRADLEY BAXTER (35-40) – The bumbling detective called in on the case.

DUCHESS OF WINCHESTER (60-65) – Lady White’s cousin, who is very no-nonsense and old fashioned.

BERNADETTE WILLIAMS (25-30) – Penelope’s school friend, who has elaborate taste in clothing and changes every chance she gets.

LORD ALVIN SPENSER (55-60) – One of the Whites’ neighbors.

LADY GERALDINE SPENSER (50-55) – Lord Spenser’s wife.

DAPHNE SPENSER (30s) – The eldest Spenser daughter.

EMILY SPENSER (25-30) – The youngest Spenser daughter.

LADY MELINDA RUSSELL (45-50) – One of Lady White’s friends and neighbor.

ALISON RUSSELL (25-30) – Lady Russell’s daughter and Penelope’s friend, who has a secret.

LADY ALINE PRESTON (50-55) – A neighbor.

CATHERINE PRESTON (30s) – The eldest Preston daughter.

ANNA PRESTON (25-30) – The youngest Preston daughter.

HESTER/HECTOR GORDON (30s) – A journalist, who wants a promotion from covering a big story.

WESTLEY STAFFORD (25-30) – A young man from the village.

MRS. ALTON (50-55) – The Whites’ housekeeper.

MRS. INGRAM (50-55) – The Whites’ cook, who has quite a disdain for the detective.

JULIA (20s) – A house maid.

SANFORD (50-60) – The stuttering butler.

ELIZA (Late teens) – A scullery maid.

BETH/BEN (10-15) – A girl/boy from the village.

LAURA/LAURENCE (10-15) – A girl/boy from the village.

FRED HANSON (25-30) – Penelope’s estranged cousin.

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