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“An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.”  ― Harvey Cocks


Calling ALL Youth! Calling ALL Youth! Auditions for Little Women a Youth Production are coming soon to a City near you! 
Read Below of the audition times and dates along with the performance time and dates. Click on "Upcoming Plays & Auditions" to get the material to see which part you'd love to get! 

Emmett Community Playhouse is supported solely through donations, ticket sales and by grants received from 
Idaho Community Foundation, and Rotary Youth Auction.  

All funds directly benefit the productions as there are NO paid positions.  

All time and talent is donated with love.
Proud members of the
Gem County Chamber of Commerce and AACT
Emmett Community Playhouse
P.O. Box 883
Emmett, ID 83617